We are building a vibrant network of individuals, businesses and community leaders that share a commitment to community and environmental wellbeing. Join us in connecting people, places and products to make healthy living fun, easy to maintain and rewarding!


Network Partner Benefits


  • It’s FREE! Network Partners receive a profile listing and are connected to users through search features and gps locators. Upgraded profiles and “pop-up deals” are available and provide additional marketing opportunities (advertising rates apply).


  • Expand market by appealing to the growing number of people choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.


  • Increase customer loyalty – users receive points for “check-ins” at network businesses, can tag their “favorites” and invite friends to meet up.


  • Generate new business through rewards program – premium users cash in their points to unlock “deals” listed on upgraded profiles, non-premium users can purchase deal for a dollar. Fitness studios showcase offerings by allowing users one free class per user, per year.


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